Equine Rescue

Truck accidentDr. Chesen was among the first veterinarians certified in large animal rescue in Central Kentucky. While working for Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, she worked as part of the team using the Equine Ambulance. When horses would be found in a sink hole or caught in a cattle guard, Dr. Chesen was one of the first responders. She has experience in Incident Command procedures and is experienced in working with the fire department and the police in large animal emergency situations.Truck accident2

One of the worst accidents involving horses she was involved in was this semi-truck which went off the road while carrying 14 horses. Because of the team’s expertise and the help of the fire department and other volunteers, 12 of the horses survived while two were humanely euthanized due to spinal cord injury.

Tips to consider when faced with an emergency involving horses:

1. Remember to keep safety first; do not put anyone in harm’s way including oncoming traffic, helpful volunteers or yourself.
2. Insist on calling a veterinarian to help.
3. Hay can act as an instant tranquilizer. It pacifies horses, even when in a precarious situation.
4. Containment does not need to be fancy. A plastic, roll-up fence can be used to surround animals which have escaped onto a busy road.